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Dear Parents,


It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I introduce myself as Principal of Apperson Elementary.


Over the past seven years I have used my leadership skills to thrive and successfully lead the communities I’ve served.  I have the capacity, knowledge, experience and more importantly the passion to lead and promote a positive school culture that is team oriented, student centered and committed to promoting student achievement. 


I value diversity, inclusiveness and equity.  In my years as an educator I have been a passionate advocate of high expectations for all students.  I am deeply committed to the belief that all students can learn at a high level.  I take special pride in being approachable, optimistic and cheerful and I strive to work collaboratively with all stakeholders in order to achieve and increase student achievement. 


I am an instructional leader who values action and collaboration.  I am a visible instructional leader on my campus, greeting parents, consistently visiting classrooms, spending time on the yard and interacting with students while looking for solutions to everyday challenges.  At Apperson we have spearheaded and led the successful effort to create professional learning communities to improve pedagogy and student achievement.  Professional learning communities are appealing because they recognize and embrace the idea that by working together for a common cause we can achieve more; because they acknowledge educators as professionals who have a wealth of knowledge that can improve education; because they address the immediate needs of a group of teachers; because they engage the mind and set the foundation for further inquiry; because teachers learn to depend on each other rather than outside experts; and because they provide a forum for capturing the vast expertise that already exists in schools. 


I have thrived as a teacher, as an assistant principal and as a principal.  Through these experiences, I’ve developed a strong set of leadership skills that I apply everyday as principal of Apperson. 


I understand that literacy opens doors.  I understand that the best indicator of future economic success is how well our students learn to read.  I understand that literacy is the ticket to unlimited success – the key to upward mobility and the key to maintaining and building a more prosperous nation that can create more opportunities for all.


I consider myself a champion of children, an advocate of reform and a leader of school improvement.  Over the years I have successfully served schools with large populations of minorities, English Learners and special education students, populations similar to the ones I serve at Apperson Elementary every day.


I enthusiastically look forward to working with all stakeholders and to educating all our students to their maximum potential.




R. Chavez, Apperson Principal