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Re-Opening Information for 2021

Dear Apperson Parents,  

The District is asking all parents to complete the “Return to Campus Program Selection Form” by Wednesday March 17, 2021 by going to the following link: 

The purpose of this questionnaire is to let Los Angeles Unified know how your child will participate in instruction when schools reopen. All families will need to complete this Program Selection Form by March 17 so that we can adequately prepare to provide an instructional program that meets your child’s needs.  

Please note that if no response is received for your child, the default will be for your child to continue learning online.  

You will also have the option to change how your child will participate in instruction every two weeks after schools reopen by contacting your school. 

For more information, including on the health practices and protocols in place at our schools, please review the Return to Campus Family Guide by going to the following link: 

Any model of in-person instruction will require students to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus and on a weekly basis thereafter. Schools will have strict health protocols in place, which include physical distancing, use of face masks, and daily health and temperature checks for all students and staff. 

To ensure accuracy, Parents will need complete a separate selection form for each child who attends an LAUSD school.   

To complete this survey, parents will need the 10-character ID unique to each student. You may find your child’s Student ID in Parent Portal for those who have registered by visiting the following link: 

The 10-character ID can also be found on your child’s report card or you may call your child’s school or Helpdesk at (213) 443-1300 to access this information.  Thank you. 

R. Chavez, Apperson Principal