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great minds

Great Minds brings schoolteachers together in collaboration with scholars to craft exemplary instructional materials and share them with the field. Great Minds’ Eureka Math curriculum has won accolades at the state and national levels, and is the only comprehensive math curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards at every grade. 



kids path
 Los Angeles Public Library's KidsPath allows you to find great books to read, fun stuff to do, help with homework and information for parents and caregivers.

Student Resources


TypingClub is an educational platform for keyboarding. It is web-based and fully customizable, so your students can practice in class, at home, or wherever an internet connection can be found. Each lesson provides instant, meaningful feedback that encourages students to continue practicing.


BusyBeavers is a fun and unique method of learning the English language using interactive media.





Starfall is a children's website that teaches basic English reading and writing skills. The main demographic is preschoolers, and kindergarteners.




Zearn  is a K-5 math curriculum based on Eureka Math / EngageNY with top-rated materials for teacher-led and digital instruction.




The Compact for Reading Guide offers tips on creating community and family-school partnerships with the purpose of improving children's reading. The School-Home Links Reading Kits are a collection of research-based activities designed to help families reinforce the reading and language arts skills that their children are learning at school. The kits are organized to assist children in the following grade levels: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade.

Learning Games


Between the Lions is a really fun site for early readers. You can control the difficulty of the games so that no one will run away in frustration. Watch an animated story and then play some terrific games, all of which will help you learn to read. There are things to print and color, and loads of tips for parents and caregivers of new readers!


Prodigy is a free, Pokemon-style math game that has been proven to improve student scores and confidence! It is aligned to the Ontario curriculum for grades 1-6, and features content from each of the five major strands.




WatchKnowLearn is an online domain on which educators can store, categorize, and rate the best, K – 12 educational videos on the Internet today. And to make this service FREE so teachers, parents and students everywhere may have access to those videos


Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. 

Los Angeles Public Library offers free online tutoring for subjects like math, English, history, and more!. Work with a live tutor or use the resources to study independently.