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Short Bio

Gwen Nguyen serves Apperson Street Elementary School as the Targeted Student Population (TSP) Coordinator and the Categorical Program Adviser (CPA). She has been an educator for fifteen years and offers a multitude of expertise and professionalism to the Apperson community.

Mission of my Office

The mission of the office of the TSP Coordinator is to provide Professional Development to build teacher capacity, support the Master Plan program implementation for English Learners, and collaborate with school staff to ensure that intervention services are aligned with the School Plan for Student Achievement. In addition, Mrs. Nguyen supports the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and the School Site Council in fulfilling their legal responsibilities.

As the Categorical Program Adviser, Mrs. Nguyen will develop, plan, and facilitate activities to increase parent involvement, coordinate and provide parent workshops to ensure the compliant functioning of the advisory committee. Furthermore, Mrs. Nguyen will monitor the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and provide program implementation and leadership to teachers and paraprofessionals.

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